Advancing Sustainability Using ICT

The environmental issues we now face are believed to be the result of our social systems. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has the potential to help us better understand, monitor in read-time, and reduce our impact on the environment. AITIS Lab, in the Department of Engineering Science, is committed to utilize the engineering expertise and research activity of its faculty to initiate innovative and sustainable graduate and undergraduate projects to educate future environmentally responsible and skilled engineers. We work with local industries and organizations to provide sustainable engineering solutions. Click here to learn more about our research activities and ongoing projects .....more; / Main Page. Checkout our Calendar of Events.

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Energy Saving Products

The energy efficiency of network equipments and devices is important for economic as well as environmental reasons. Studies estimate the USA’s network infrastructure uses 24 TWh per year, or $24 billion. This includes network switches, access points, end-node NICs and servers. Consecutively, the theme of power reduction in various electronic devices is gaining tremendous momentum. Here are some interesting design ideas in this area:
1- A cell phone charger which shuts itself down when no load is present;
2- A router which goes into sleeping mode (or a Zigbee XCVR);
3- A room display encouraging users to save energy (measure energy usage in real-time) - can be installed in the building corridor;
4- A man-powered charging center on the campus with some displays and learning modules about ways to save energy (students can hookup their electronic devices and change them);