Advancing Sustainability Using ICT

The environmental issues we now face are believed to be the result of our social systems. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has the potential to help us better understand, monitor in read-time, and reduce our impact on the environment. AITIS Lab, in the Department of Engineering Science, is committed to utilize the engineering expertise and research activity of its faculty to initiate innovative and sustainable graduate and undergraduate projects to educate future environmentally responsible and skilled engineers. We work with local industries and organizations to provide sustainable engineering solutions. Click here to learn more about our research activities and ongoing projects .....more; / Main Page. Checkout our Calendar of Events.

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Configureable Remote Laboratory

Effectiveness of distance education systems deals with a number of factors which affect their success or failure. These include the influence of distance learning theory upon instructional design and delivery. In our project our goal is to design and implement an open-form platform in which each educator can design specific learning modules and simply add them to the knowledge-based platform. Each topic includes, theory, simulation, practice with the remote instrumentation, practice test, and quiz questions. Our main focus in this project is to utilize LabVIEW platform. A number of examples are already provided by NI site. Our proposed platforms has a series of unique features:
  • Providing theory of operation;
  • Allowing the user to perform simulation;
  • Building the simulated test setup (automatically or manually- upon request)
  • Comparing the simulated results and practical results;
  • Answering practice test questions;
  • Interacting users with an attendee for guidance and answering questions.
Here are a few examples of some preliminary ideas: Developing a Remote Laboratory and Webcam-based Remote Control.
This project requires developing a series of sub-systems (project proposals):
- Develop a configurable test setup using available measurement tools
- Develop a database to keep track of student activities
- Integrating audio, video, and text
- Allow remote users to use the switches and routers in the network laboratory remotely
- Design a simple approach to provide SMS-based distance learning for communities in which many users have access to cell phone.