Advancing Sustainability Using ICT

The environmental issues we now face are believed to be the result of our social systems. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has the potential to help us better understand, monitor in read-time, and reduce our impact on the environment. AITIS Lab, in the Department of Engineering Science, is committed to utilize the engineering expertise and research activity of its faculty to initiate innovative and sustainable graduate and undergraduate projects to educate future environmentally responsible and skilled engineers. We work with local industries and organizations to provide sustainable engineering solutions. Click here to learn more about our research activities and ongoing projects .....more; / Main Page. Checkout our Calendar of Events.

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Low-Cost Remote Weight Watching System

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In this project we demonstrate a low-cost Remote Weight Monitoring system, designed and developed by the Health Care Technologies Laboratory at Sonoma State University. The primary purpose of this system is to remotely monitor weight changes in diabetic patients. The system is intuitive and easy for patients to operate. In this system the scale readings are sent automatically by the Internet to a central data repository. Thus, nurses and caregivers can easily monitor any abnormal changes in their patients in real-time. The system allows users to set their own alert criteria for providing immediate attention.  For more information Read the Presentation Slides. This project was presented to the SSU Faculty Expo of Scholarship and Sponsored Research. 

 Status: Complete & Demo is available
Sponsered: HCTL